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Si algo llama la atención del restaurante Remenetxe es la modestia y cariño con los que te recibe el equipo de este baserri del siglo XIX reconvertido en restaurante, una de las joyas gastronómicas de Urdaibai, reserva de la biosfera.

De decoración sobria y cálida, inspirada en la antigua vida del caserío, el Remenetxe invita al disfrute tranquilo de productos de calidad del campo, el mar y la huerta, guisados con el mejor ‘know how’ de siglos de tradición vasca y guiños discretos a la innovación.

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Remetxe restaurant will attract your attention for the modesty and affection of the staff when they welcome you to this XIX Century baserri (farmhouse) converted into a restaurant, one of the gastronomic jewels out in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve.

lts decoration provides a sober and warm atmosphere inspired in the former daily routine of the farmhouse, all this invites the visitor to enjoy its quietness while tasting high quality farm goods or seafood as well as those products grown in orchards, all of it cooked in the best «know-how» after centuries of Basque tradition in the art of cooking but also you can find a nod to sorne discrete innovation in their culinary style.

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Difícil elección cualquiera de los entrantes, pero si la idea es sumergirse en la gastronomía de la zona, imprescindible catar los pimientos verdes y los tomates de Gernika (preferible en temporada), y picotear marisco del Cantábrico, antes de pasar a las propuestas de segundo plato.

Una buena opción para completar esta ruta por lo “typical basque” es lanzarse al chuletón a la brasa con sus patatas y ensalada, servido en su correspondiente parrilla. Por unanimidad de los presentes -en una velada con amigas y amigos de buen comer- una de las mejores chuletas de la zona.

La carta del Remenetxe propone, no obstante, revisiones del recetario tradicional con nuevas bases para el marmitako, los potajes de legumbres reconvertidos en finas cremas, originales fusiones de productos como el foie fresco o toques sutiles con hierbas aromáticas.

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To choose among all the starters is in itself a difficult task but if what you are really looking for is to immerse yourself in the local gastronomy, then it is a must to taste Gernika green peppers and tomatoes {at their best within season), and also have a bite of some seafood from the Cantabrian coast just before going on to the main course.

In order to complete this tour around «typical Basque» it would be a good idea to go for grill T-bone steak {served on a grill placed on the table) ,French fries and salad. Everyone there at the table agreed that it was the kind of meal to be shared with good friends and good eaters as well, but above all the steak was superb one of the best to be tasted in the a rea.

Nevertheless, the menu at Remetxe proposes renewed recipes taken from traditional dishes, for instance, adding new ingredients to the tuna fish stew «marmitako», or stewed pulses turned into delicate cream soups, thus blending, in an original way, products like fresh foie or a subtle touch of aromatic herbs.

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En nuestra última visita abrimos boca con los pimientos de Gernika y una generosa ración de almejas en salsa verde. De segundo, los dos coincidimos en probar el pescado: un rape a la brasa de quitarse el sombrero y una lubina salvaje con su guarnición, a sugerencia de la propia maitre. Deliciosos. Los postres, caseros, son punto y a parte. La tostada (torrija flambeada) y un volcán de chocolate pusieron el broche de oro. Acompañamos la cena con un txakolí ‘Doniene’ edición limitada, elección nada sencilla vista la completa carta de vinos de Remenetxe.

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To get our juices flowing at our last visit we ordered Gernika peppers and a generous dish of clams in green sauce. For the main course we both agreed to try fish: grill monkfish which was superb and wild sea bass and garnish, as suggested by the maitre herself. The homemade desserts are out of this world. The finishing touch was Cream Toast {Flambéed cream toast) and a chocolate volcano. Dinner was served with a txakoli {white wine) «Doniene» limited edition, I must point out that it was a hard decision to make , taking into account the wide range of wines available at Remetxe.

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Enoteca explicada por el experto

No en vano, el Remenetxe cuenta con una de las mejores “narices” de todo el Estado que atesora una completa enoteca. De hecho, una de las razones por las que merece la pena visitar Remenetxe es aprender con su sumiller, Jon Andoni Rementeria, y descubrir, en su bodega bajo tierra, las peculiaridades de caldos de diferentes regiones y países. Lección de lujo servida con la humildad y cercanía, sello de la casa.

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Wine Cellar explained by the expert

Not for nothing , does Remetxe count on one of the best «noses» across the country, and whose wine cellar is remarkably rich. As a matter of fact it is worth a visit it so as to learn straight from their sommelier , Jon Andoni Rementeria, and also to discover within the depths of the venue the peculiar wines from different regions and countries. Quite a lesson I must say, humble and accessible carrying the hallmark of the house.

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Son varias las razones por las que guardamos el Remenetxe en nuestro cuaderno de bitácora: la calidad de la materia prima trabajada y la honestidad en sus platos. Su bodega y cultura enológica. (Para tomar notar, las cenas con catas comentadas que organizan cada pocos meses). Pero si hay algo que destaca, es la sencillez en el trato -lejos de ínfulas- aun siendo uno de los mejores testigos de la zona del buen hacer a los fogones.

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We have decided to keep a record of Remetxe in our logbook for many reasons: the outstanding quality of raw materials they provide and their honesty as for their dishes. Their wine cellar and oenology cultural background. (Special attention should be paid to their dinners, while dishes guests are being tasted , they are described and commented . These are arranged every few months). However, what is more remarkable than anything else is their naturalness- far from being pretentious- despite having set an example as one of the best in the area for their know­how in their cuisine.


REMENETXE está: Urdaibai – Reserva de la Biosfera, Kurtzero Auzoa, 65, 48392 Muxika, Bizkaia




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